Wiki Sites

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a website or software that allows collaboration between users. Users of a Wiki can add, change or delete information easily. Users can also easily add different links to the Wiki site. All changes are stored so changes can be tracked. Wikis can be used for personal use, corporations and as Knowledge Management Systems. There are two different types of Wikis; proprietory and open source. Proprietory Wikis are private and limited to users who have a login and password. Open source Wikis are open to everyone.

The benefits of a Wiki include collaborative thinking, easy to edit and evolution of Knowledge. The risks include Edit wars, inappropriate use, black hat hacking. The users of wiki pages include the government, educators, non profits, banks and yes even politicians. In conclusion we have decided that wiki pages are “wiki cool” and a great tool to be used in both open and closed forums to invite open and collaborative thinking.

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