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What is Twitter?

Twitter is a web-based communication service that allows friends, family and co-workers to keep in contact with each other. Similar to AIM, which is a form of instant messaging, messages can be sent via the web, cell phone texting, or IM. These messages are called “tweets”

History of Twitter

Twitter is a Privately funded startup that originated in San Francisco, CA. It began as a side project in March 2006 and was publicly launched in August 2006 as a real-time short messaging service. In May 2007, Twitter Inc. was founded.

Application of Twitter in Business

Some advantages of using Twitter in the workplace include co-workers using twitter for travel updates, sending “tweets” from cell phone via SMS (short messaging service) if on the road, and also communicating via company Intranet with ease. Employees can inform participants about updates and changes to specific events & news, as well as locate potential online customers. Some disadvantages are that this service can be distracting, causing employees to lose focus on daily tasks. If used inappropriately at work, overall productivity will most certainly decrease. Twitter can become habit forming and addicting.

How to become a Tweeter

All you have to do is visit and create a profile. Once you've done that, you can click on “Find People” link to invite friends, gain followers and Start Tweeting!

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