Reading Review - Knowledge, Workflow Management & Outsourcing


Please read the assigned articles and provide a brief, bulletized review of the following for each article:

  • What are the main takeaway points?
  • Who is the target audience and is the author effective?
  • If you think the article is off the mark, or the author may have a bias, please comment.


  • Send copy via email prior to class
    • This helps me to identify what areas to emphasize in class
  • Print a copy and bring to class for review, then hand it after class
    • In most cases, I will grade the paper copy
  1. How Social Networking Creates a Collaboration Culture
  2. Rethinking How We Learn at Work
  3. Online Collaboration: How Merck Uses Virtual Worlds for Global Meetings
  4. How We're Using SharePoint 2010 to Connect Our People
  5. How to Determine the True Cost of Microsoft SharePoint
  6. IT Outsourcing Survey: Provider Profits Shrink, Growth Slows in India
  7. IT Outsourcing: Study Ranks Best Nearshore Locations for U.S. Customers
  8. IT Outsourcing in China: What CIOs Need to Know About New Data Privacy Guidelines

Did you find a better article?

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