Reading Reviews for Week 2


  • Send copy via email prior to class
    • This helps me to identify what areas to emphasize in class
  • Print a copy and bring to class for review, then hand it after class
    • In most cases, I will grade the paper copy

Enterprise Applications

CIO magazine has some excellent primers on Enterprise applications which they keep up to date. For each CIO articles below, consider how each (ERP, SAAS, etc.) relates to your current business:

  • Do you currently have an enterprise solution in place? (respond to appropriate choice below)
    • Yes - Please describe if you do…
    • No, but we could use one - what solutions or products are available that might be applicable to your business size and scope?
    • Not applicable to my current business -identify the top three vendors in the business space.
  1. ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Article Link
  2. SAAS - Software as a Service - Article Link
  3. SCM - Supply chain management - Article Link
  4. BI - Business Intelligence - Article Link
  5. CRM - Customer Relationship Management - Article Link
  6. BPM - Business Process Management - Article Link
  7. KM - Knowledge Managment - Article Link

Did you find a better article (yes or no)?

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