Online Backup Systems

Andy Vatistas
January 11, 2011


What are online backup systems?

  • A service providing online data storage
  • Can be a small amout of storage (1-2 GB) free or a large amount (25-150 GB) at a cost
  • Many different services available throughout the internet including full-featured web hosts, online social networks, and email clients
  • Used to back up files for personal/business purposes


  • Continuous Backup
  • Backup of Multiple Machines
  • Online Access to Files


  • Lower cost
  • No extra equipment or storage
  • Unlimitd data storage in many cases
  • Automatic backup
  • Easier access to files


  • Must have network/internet access
  • Could be slow
  • No guarantee of availability (esp. if password is lost)
  • No guarantee of privacy
  • No special features (file sharing, synch, etc)

Types of Online Backup Systems

  • SOS - $10/month, 50 GB on 5 computers
  • Norton- $50 for 25 GB on 5 computers
  • IDrive - $5/month for 150 GB
  • Mozy – $55/year up to 5 computers
  • Carbonite - $55/year unlimited storage one computer
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