Linux Comparisons (Including MacOS X)

Daryl Findlay - Linux Comparisons

Linux Distribution Comparisons

By Daryl K. Findlay
BUA581 - Managing Information Systems


  • Operating system
  • Open Source
  • Fast moving and ongoing development process
  • Many flavors
  • Low conventional home adoption
  • Significant impact

Brief History of GNU\Linux:

1969 - UNIX operating system

  • Created by AT&T Bell Laboratories
  • Multi-tasking/user time-sharing environment
  • Complied in C programing language in 1973

1983 - GNU project:

  • Unix-compatible open source "free" software system
  • Started by Richard Stallman
  • 1985 - Free Software Foundation
  • 1989 - GNU General Public License (GNU GPL)
  • Created many programs and components
  • Vision was still incomplete: no kernel
  • BSD project in works, but delayed

1991 – Linux created:

  • Based on principles of MINIX, a (Unix-like) "free" OS
  • licensing limited to education use only
  • Linux kernel released under GNU GPL v.2
  • GNU\Linux
  • Has evolved, fathered, and inspired many operating systems
  • Thousands of programmers worldwide
  • Many unique distributions released upon the Linux kernel
  • Inspired several “UNIX-Like” operating systems

UNIX-like Kernel Lineage:

  • Darwin (Macintosh OS X)

Linux Distributions:

Operating systems built on Linux kernel:

  • Device driver libraries and utilities
  • Software applications
  • Graphics support (GUI)

Over three hundred active distributions:

  • Ubuntu (from Canonical Ltd.)
  • Fedora (from Red Hat)
  • openSUSE (from Novell)
  • Mandriva Linux (from Mandriva)

Populur Distribution Comparison:



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