Learning Outcomes
  1. Recognize, understand and converse using the technology and jargon associated with IS
  2. Identify on-line references that can keep you and your company abreast of emerging technologies that may be beneficial to your operations.
  3. Identify the many components that make up the return on investment (ROI) equation for IS projects.
  4. Develop approaches to mitigate the high-risk IS projects and determine how to reduce the likelihood of negative return on investment
  5. Identify processes that could reap significant return on investment through judicious application of IS processes or technology
  6. Match business processes with the IS tools that are currently available
  7. Mitigate risk to company operations due to interruptions in the IS infrastructure caused by:
    1. Hardware Failure
    2. Loss of Facility (Fire / Flood, etc.)
    3. Malicious Act (Virus, disgruntled employee, etc.)
  8. Be familiar with the laws that currently govern an IS Workplace
    1. Security
    2. Privacy
    3. Health (Repetitive Stress, etc.)
    4. SEC (Sarbanes Oxley)
  9. Manage the peculiarities associated with an IT workforce
    1. Work environment and hours
    2. Location Transparency
    3. Outsourcing and Contract workforce
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