What is LastPass?

LastPass is a website that manages all your passwords. It's called LastPass because this will essentially be the last password you have to remember. According to the LastPass website, Collectively we lose more than 10,300 hours per year retrieving lost passwords, making new ones or talking to call center representatives about them.

Who would be interested in using LastPass?

LastPass is especially helpful for people that spend a lot of time on the computer socializing with friends, checking email, banking, and online shopping. Instead of having to remember your username and password to those websites, you can import these into your LastPass account, and can be connected to your favorite sites, with a click of the button.

Why would you want to use LastPass?

  • It's free
    • Users can upgrade to a premium service to use the application on cell phones, for only $1 a month
  • It's safe & secure
    • all your information is encrypted
    • LastPass will help you generate a more secure password for all your sites you access
  • It's easy
    • access it from your home PC, work, friends house, cell phone

LastPass YouTube video

How does it work?

  • Download the application on your local PC
  • Set up your free account, and create a unique password
  • Import all your information from all your current websites into LastPass
  • If you need help at any point, they have over a dozen screencasts that can help you every step of the way

LastPass screencasts


LastPass Website

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