Google Os

Google OS

Google released a Linux-based open source project called Chromium OS. The operating system designed to work exclusively with web applications was released in November of 2009. Chromium is a downloaded OS, however, Google Chrome OS can only be found on specific hardware.

The OS interface takes on a minimalist approach that resembles Google's popular webrowser.

Chrome OS can be found exclusively on Samsung and Acer products here.

Google stated the average computer user spends 90% of the time on the internet in a browser. Checking email, chatting, reading news, watching videos, playing games and buying things. Thus making your web browser the most important program on your computer.

Most people's biggest question is when i boot up my computer how fast can i get on the internet.

When you start up your computer several things happen.
Push the Power button

  • Bios
  • OS primitives
  • hardware detection
  • load and start kernel
  • load and start bootloader
  • random stuff
          • login
          • splashscreen
          • Invisible Start-up Apps
  • Anti Virus Software

This is the basic process of an operating system. All this takes 45 seconds in a top of the line quick booting computer.

Google asked the question what if you didn't have worry about managing programs, nagging updates, lost files.

With no programs loaded on their computers Chromebooks boast an unparalleled 8 second boot speed. That means you are going from on-button to surfing the web in 8 seconds flat!

8 seconds flat!

Google has the idea of using cloud technology saving all documents and files to the web, in the commercial linked above Google explains there is more space on the web than on any hard drive in any personal computer.

Because there are no programs running on a Chromebook there is ZERO need for any AntiVirus programs.


Android is an operating system for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Google purchased Android Inc. in 2005. Like Chrome Android is open source and linux based. AOSP, The Android Open Source Project has allowed 300,000 aps to be created and last year was listed as the best selling smartphone platform worldwide.

Android market place run by Google allows smartphones to download 3rd party apps for your android phone.



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