ROI - Good and Bad

Talk with someone you know with some IT experience (perhaps someone in your IT department ). Ask them if they know of some examples of IT ROI extremes (they don't need to be first hand). Try to provide a discussion thread for one of each:

  • A project that had very good Return on Investment — can they think of reasons why it was successful?
  • A project that had a negative Return on Investment — why do they think it failed?

Don't forget — avoid specific mentions of company, individuals or brands. For example, "An online company was trying to integrate a better customer relationship management (CRM) package…"

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The Good
Employees within my organzation are required to meet required training hours per year. These credits are offered through optional courses as well as mandatory ones through the Government, both on-line and with instructor led courses. With over 10,000 employees it would be very time consuming as well as difficult to keep track of their status.
In 2003, the Individual Development Plan tool was implemented company wide as a self service tool for employees. The cost of this project was in the millions to implement in various locations, and set up all employees. But the ROI for this tool would efficiently track data such as emplyee credits, requirments test scores and ensure consistency in curriculum. The ROI on this IT investment has been proven successful over the years.

The Bad
Even though this tool has been able to succesfully track employee's individual Developments, the tool itself can have its kinks. When specific training is mandatory for employees, only so many can access the tool at once. Limiting usaged under strict time lines. Any errors made in the selection process of courses or on line testing needs assistance from qualified professionals through email in which cannot be corrected until the next day, which holds up the process. Frustration is common among employees when deadlines need to be met and you cannot talk to a helpdesk to correct a problem or even access the tool.

The ROI of this investment shows more positives than negatives, but the negatives can be frustrating.

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