Course Overview

Information Systems have progressed rapidly in the last two decades and has become a very integral part of normal business operations. The breadth and depth of this topic is sufficiently large that we have developed a course just for the managing of information systems.

The environment changes so rapidly, that most books covering the topic are out of date before the go to print. For this reason, no textbook is required for this course. You will be provided appropriate on-line sources of information necessary to complete the homework and case studies. Much of the material will be covered at a general level in class, leaving the specifics for you to discover during the completion of your assignments.

When you think about it, the reason Information Systems has made such inroads into every business level of your typical company is its ability to provide positive return on investment. Computers, email systems, software and the Internet all become justified expenses because they reduce the cost of doing business. True ROI, however, is very difficult to measure, not to mention predict, on most IS initiatives. One of our major goals in this course is learning the full scope of how IS impacts a business and how to best to utilize it.

Like the Hippocratic oath, our first goal will be to ‘first - do no harm’ – that is to know what steps a manager must take to avoid a crippling interruption to a company’s operations due to an IS failure. Our second goal will be to improve the quality and efficiency of corporate operations through proper management of its IS infrastructure.

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